Patent Law

Utility Patents • Design Patents • Plant Breeders Rights

Utility and Design Patent Protection.

This office files United States, Canadian and International Patent Applications on your behalf for:

  • Mechanical Devices
  • Electrical Devices
  • Software Programs
  • Chemical Compositions


Utility patents provide a 20 year monopoly to make, use, sell or import the patented product in the country in
which a patent is granted.Design patents provide protection for the form or appearance of the design. In Canada a 10 year monopoly is granted and in the US a 14 year monopoly is granted.

We file foreign, European & International applications on your behalf and provide consulting to inventors for sale or licensing of the invention and/or manufacturing and promotion of the product itself.

We have expertise in the area of utility patents, design patents, technology know how, confidential information and trade secrets. We also have experience in the less known protective rights including plant breeders rights and integrated circuit topographies protection.

Licensing of the above mentioned rights is a substantial part of our practice and includes limited use licenses, exclusive licenses, non-exclusive licenses and outright sale of intellectual property.

First Consultation: It is advisable to bring any drawings, prototypes and internet search results to your first meeting. It is also helpful to bring information regarding competitive products or services that you are aware of.

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